PTM Viewer


Input here any protein sequence of interest with (or without) PTMs specified.
Protein BLAST alignments will display PTMs and visualize conserved PTMs between proteins within or across species

PTMs are abbreviated by two-letter codes, e.g. S(ph).
Wildcard "xx" stands for any PTM type, e.g. T(xx)
Character "|" can specify multiple PTM types, e.g. K(ub|ac)
Click "Show PTM List" below to view the full list of PTM types, or see the PTM Info page.

Sequence input format can be a plain sequence, FASTA, or GenBank style containing numbers and/or spaces.

A downloadable tutorial can be found here


Available PTM types

ac Lysine Acetylation
bu Lysine 2-Hydroxyisobutyrylation
ca Carbonylation
cn S-cyanylation
lc Lysine Carbamylation
ma Lysine Malonylation
me1 Monomethylation
me2 Dimethylation
me3 Trimethylation
mo Methionine Oxidation
my Myristoylation
na N-terminal Acetylation
ng N-glycosylation
no S-nitrosylation
nt N-terminus Proteolysis
nu N-terminal Ubiquitination
og O-GlcNAcylation
ph Phosphorylation
ro Reversible Cysteine Oxidation
sg S-Glutathionylation
sm Lysine SUMOylation
so S-sulfenylation
su Lysine Succinylation
ub Lysine Ubiquitination
xx Any PTM type

"The Plant PTM Viewer, a central resource for exploring plant protein modifications"
Willems P, Horne A, Van Parys T, Goormachtig S, De Smet I, Botzki A, Van Breusegem F, Gevaert K. ; Plant J. 2019 Aug;99(4):752-762.
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