Cells to Canopy (C2C)

We at PSB believe that our research can be captured by the triple Mode-of-action approach: Molecular, Multidimensional, and Modular!

Molecular: Our research is dedicated to enhancing our understanding at the molecular level of various plant species, employing a range of experimental, computational, and data analysis methodologies. We strive to utilize cutting-edge technologies and actively search for advancements in technology to investigate evolution, climate change, and agronomic practices comprehensively.

Multidimensional: With the emergence of single-cell techniques and advancements in imaging technology, the precision of the tools and practices utilized in PSB often delve into subcellular or cellular levels. Nonetheless, researchers at PSB endeavor to contextualize this cellular knowledge within tissues and organs or apply it to plants cultivated in field settings.

Modular: Each team's research endeavors encompass an array of dimensions and technologies, collectively spanning from cell biology to canopy investigation, and from imaging techniques to -omics analysis, to unravel the mechanisms of various applications. Through collaboration, we amass diverse expertise and methodologies, fostering synergy and innovation towards solutions pertinent to a sustainable, biodiverse environment that is resilient to climate change. 

We refer to the individual PI websites to see ‘who-does-what’.

PSB’s cube of molecular, multidimensional, and modular plant research
PSB’s cube of molecular, multidimensional, and modular plant research.