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"Studying plant disease resistance : about peptides and biocontrol"

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Thursday 25 January 2018, 11:00 - 12:30


Since the early 1990s research in our lab is focused on the identification and characterization of novel plant peptides possibly involved in the defense of plants against diseases.  Their discovery relied on assaying peptide activity, transcriptome analysis and plant phenotype characterization, and led to the identification of different types of novel peptides, whether precursor-derived (e.g. plant defensins) or directly encoded by sORFs (e.g. stress-induced peptides).  Analysis of their biological function includes both in planta experiments as well as unraveling of their mode of action in lower eukaryotic model species (e.g. S. cerevisiae).  The latter indicated their potential as novel fungicides/antimycotics, as antibiofilm compounds in both medical (e.g. implants) and packaging (e.g. bioplastics) applications, or in novel treatments of human diseases (e.g. Wilson disease).  Our in planta research involves various types of pathosystems both in model plants (Arabidopsis) and crop species (tomato, canola, corn, …) for studying different mechanisms underlying resistance to mainly fungal diseases.  This recently resulted in the development of a biocontrol platform for high-throughput screening of libraries ofmicroorganisms/compounds able to trigger “induced systemic resistance (ISR)” in plants, as novel biocontrol tools for integrated pest management.

Location Jozef Schell Seminar Room
Contact Prof Bruno Cammue
Faculty Bioscience Engineering
University of Leuven (KU Leuven)
Centre of Microbial and Plant Genetics
Dep. Microbial & Molecular Systems

VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology