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A sacrifice-for-survival mechanism protects root stem cell niche from chilling stress

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Tuesday 11 October 2016, 11:00 - 12:30


More than 80% of the earth biosphere is permanently or seasonally subjected to temperatures below 5ºC, which determine the geographical locations suitable for growing crop and horticultural plants and periodically account for significant losses in plant productivity. It is therefore of great importance to understand how plants survive and grow under low temperature stress. In this talk, I will be presenting a chilling stress-specific sacrifice-for-survival strategy employed by the Arabidopsis root to not only protect the stem cell niche from the damaging effects of low but above freezing temperatures, but also improve its ability to withstand other environmental stresses and to recover when ambient temperatures rise to the optimal levels.
Location Jozef Schell seminar room
Contact Prof Jian XU
Department of Biological Sciences and NUS Centre for BioImaging Sciences
Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore