Schneider Michele

Predoctoral fellow @ Systems Biology of Yield

Michele’s interest in plant science was first sparked during his BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Rostock, Germany. To gain a deeper understanding of plant development and physiology, he then joined the Umeå Plant Science Centre, where he graduated as MSc in Plant and Forest Biotechnology at Umeå University, Sweden. During his master project in the group of Prof. Dr. Åsa Strand, he investigated the effects of retrograde and light signaling on chloroplast biogenesis in Arabidopsis.
In September 2019, he joined the Systems Biology of Yield group to further follow his curiosity about the underlying regulatory mechanisms of leaf development. There, he is currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dirk Inzé and working on various aspects of the leaf size- and shape-regulating PEAPOD pathway.

Contact information

Office: Technologiepark 71, 9052 Zwijnaarde, Belgium
Office Phone: +32(0)93313956