Lieven De Veylder receives an ERC Advanced Grant

ERC Advanced Grants are awarded to established researchers in all fields to pursue original, high-risk research projects. Each grant comes with considerable funding to support innovative research projects. 


In modern forestry, elite trees are multiplied by stem cutting which induces the regeneration of new roots. The regeneration process involves changes in the physical properties of the plant’s cell wall. Mapping the corresponding biochemical cell wall changes will UNlock the ROoting POtential of poorly regenerating tree species. The UNROPO project will broaden the spectrum of plants that can be propagated through cuttings.  

“ERC funding for UNROPO will allow my research team to address an important knowledge gap in the plant regeneration field, scouting for new signals enabling regeneration. In particular, it is exciting that the results obtained might be directly applicable to important plant species that are currently difficult to propagate,” Lieven says. 

Lieven De Veylder