Rolf Lohaus





VIB / Ghent University

Evolutionary Systems Biology

Technologiepark 927

B-9052 Gent



* co-first author

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My research interests are broadly centered on one of the big knowledge gaps in modern biology: the relationship between genotype and phenotype, i.e., the genetic architecture and developmental & molecular processes underlying phenotypes and their variation. The advances in genomics, molecular genetics and developmental biology over the last decades have uncovered an incredible amount of genomic and developmental complexities that govern this relationship. Understanding these complexities and their effects is crucial to our understanding of many important biological processes, such as genetic disease, aging, survival of small, endangered populations, speciation, or the evolution of sex. I am interested in how the complexity of this relationship affects phenotypic evolution and in how the genotype-phenotype map itself evolves. To study these questions I have been using computational models (e.g., models of gene networks and developmental systems) and population-based evolutionary simulations. Recently, I have been focusing my research on one of the most significant mechanisms influencing genomic complexity, gene and whole-genome duplications, and their effects on phenotypic evolution.

2013 - Present    Postdoctoral Researcher, VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems

                            Biology, Ghent University, Belgium

2010-2012    Huxley Faculty Fellow, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary

                            Biology, Rice University, USA

2009                    PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology, Department of Biology &

                            Biochemistry, University of Houston, USA

2002 - 2004    Scientific Assistant, DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center),


2003                    MSc in Medical Informatics, University of Heidelberg, Germany