Compound Screening Facility

The VIB Screening Core provides support in the development of miniaturized test systems/assays, which are relevant for a biological process-of-interest. In interaction with the scientists, the team of the VIB Screening Core enhances the technical reproducibility and robustness of an assay and makes it compatible with liquid handling and automation. Subsequently, a screening experiment is executed to identify substances that interfere with the assay. The aim is to accelerate the discovery of biologically active substances that can be developed into chemical probes to study biological processes and/or starting points to develop novel products for medical or agricultural applications.

The VIB Screening Core embeds the Centre for Bioassay Development and Screening (C-BIOS), a Ghent University Expertise Centre co-financed via the Special Research Fund (Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds, BOF). C-BIOS unites the expertise and research infrastructure of VIB, Ghent University and the Cancer Research Institute Ghent (CRIG) and provides a centralized platform to efficiently support assay development and screening for the broad Life Sciences research community.


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