Preliminary program that will be adapted according to the selected submitted abstracts

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Opening and welcome by Ann Depicker
Keynote lecture: Paul Hooykaas: Agrobacterium, a sophisticated plant gene vector
Denis Faure: The Agrobacterium life style in plant tumors
Lieve Gheysen : Transgenesis in nature: T-DNA from Agrobacterium is present in sweet potato and its wild relatives.
Léon Otten: Natural transformation of various Nicotiana species and role of some transferred genes, with special emphasis on the plast gene family
Session 2: Agrobacterium tumefaciens and rhizogenes taxonomy and pathogenesis
Florent Lassalle: Phylogenetic modelling of genome diversification history as a new tool to investigate the taxonomy and ecological adaptation of Agrobacterium spp.
NN: Title to be announced
Hans Rediers: Integrated pest management to tackle hairy root disease caused by widely diverse rhizogenic Agrobacteria
Selected Abstract
Selected Abstract
Selected Abstract
Session 3: Cell biology of Agrobacterium
Kan Wang: Small non-coding RNAs of Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Pamela Brown: Regulation of cell wall biogenesis in the bacterial plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Selected Abstract
Selected Abstract
Selected Abstract
Selected Abstract
Reception and poster viewing - Get together during a walking dinner

Thursday 13 September 2018

Session 4: T-DNA vectors, transfer and integration
Thomas Jacobs: Delivering genome-editing reagents with T-DNA
Mansour Karimi: Cloning developments in the binary vector
Selected Abstract
Selected Abstract
Selected Abstract
Coffee/tea and posters
Stan Gelvin: No known DNA repair or recombination pathway is required for Agrobacterium T-DNA integration
Ajith Anand: Improvements in corn transformation technology using Agrobacterium
Kathleen D’Halluin: Targeted sequence insertion by Agrobacterium- and direct DNA delivery
Lunch and posters
Keynote lecture: Yuri Gleba: Plant biotechnologies based on transient delivery by Agrobacterium
Session 5: Agrobacterium as a genome engineer
Wendy Harwood : Agrobacterium-mediated crop genome engineering
Filip Cnudde: Agrobacterium today and tomorrow – biotech products in the pipeline and industry developments
Closing remarks by Professor Marc Van Montagu: Agrobacterium: a vehicle for innovation
Coffee/tea and farewell