The SAP Arabidopsis Promoterome

Introducing the SAP consortium

The regulation of transcription is a main component in the control of gene expression. Yet, little is known about the overall structure of the Arabidopsis transcriptional network. In addition to the generation and mining of large transcript profile compendia, tools are required to functionally test at a large scale the activity of the genome cis-regulatory elements and the associated proteins that control gene transcription. The SAP consortium aims at providing such tools for the Systematic analysis of Arabidopsis Promoters and includes laboratories in seven European countries.

The multipurpose Arabidopsis promoter amplicon collection

The initial resource the consortium has produced is a collection of genomic amplicons carrying intergenic regions upstream of ca. 20,000 Arabidopsis protein-coding genes. This SAP promoterome collection is available upon request and additional details about the structure of the promoter amplicons are available on line.

Access to the SAP promoterome database

The database is hosted by the Department of Plant Systems Biology (VIB - Ghent University, Belgium). It provides the sequence of each amplicon (as deduced form the Arabidopsis genome), its length, the corresponding gene code, and information about PCR primers. All PCR amplification results are documented in the database, including DNA agarose gel images and 96 well microtiter plate maps. The relevant data can also be downloaded as a dump tab delimited file.

Citing SAP materials and results

To refer to materials created within the SAP initiative and to related results, please cite the following article:

Benhamed, M., Martin-Magniette, M.-L., Taconnat. L., Bitton, F., Servet, C., De Clercq, C., De Meyer, B., Buyschaert, C., Rombauts, S., Villarroel, R., Aubourg, S., Beynon, J., Bhalerao, R.P., Coupland, G., Gruissem, W., Menke, F., Weisshaar, B., Renou, J.-P., Zhou, D.-X. and Hilson, P. (2008) Genome-scale Arabidopsis promoter array identifies targets of the histone acetyltransferase GCN5. Plant J. 56(3):493-504. PubMed